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Rsymbolic develops open source tools for symbolic computation in R, mainly for supporting RGP, an R-based Genetic Programming and Symbolic Regression package.

Other R packages under the Rsymbolic umbrella are ComPars, a parser combinator library, Rrules, a pattern-matching and rewriting engine, and Twiddler, a tool for the interactive exploration of R expression via automatically generated GUIs.

The project is hosted at Cologne University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with sourcewerk, the SPOTSeven research group, DIP Dortmund Intelligence Project, TU Dortmund, and the COSA Project.

Feel free to contact Oliver Flasch for further information. Please ask RGP-related questions directly in the RGP Forum .

Commercial support for Rsymbolic is available by sourcewerk .

Latest news

RGP: Now Available: Comprehensive RGP Documentation
Oliver Flasch's dissertation "A Modular Genetic Programming System" contains comprehensive documentation on RGP and is now available for download at http://hdl.handle.net/2003/34162 .
Added by Oliver Flasch over 1 year ago

RGP: New Book on Optimization with R(GP)
Paulo Cortez's new book "Modern Optimization with R" contains practical examples on the successful application of RGP.
Added by Oliver Flasch over 2 years ago

RGP: RGP 0.4-1 released on CRAN
RGP version 0.4-1 is a maintenance release recommended for all RGP users.
Added by Oliver Flasch over 2 years ago

RGP: Updated Tutorial
The RGP tutorial "Getting Started" has been updated for RGP 0.4-0.
Added by Oliver Flasch over 2 years ago

RGP: RGP 0.4-0 released on CRAN
RGP 0.4-0 brings a much improved Pareto-GP search strategy for symbolic regression and support for a modern web-based user interface.
Added by Oliver Flasch about 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • RGP User Interface (12/05/2013 11:36 AM)

    The RGP User Interface (rgpui) implements a modern web-based user interface to the Genetic Programming system RGP.

  • ComPars (05/30/2010 05:57 PM)

    ComPars is a simple parser combinator library for R.

  • Twiddler (03/13/2010 09:54 PM)

    Twiddler is a tool for the interactive GUI-based manipulation of R expressions.

  • Dissertation Oliver Flasch (03/07/2010 12:07 PM)

    A repository of files, documents, and time tracking information for Oliver Flasch's dissertation.

  • Rrules (02/20/2010 03:25 PM)

    Rrules is a rule based translator library based on the examples of "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming" by Peter Norvig. It includes a rulebase for simplifying arithmetic R-expressions as an example....