RGP is a simple yet flexible Genetic Programming system for the R environment. The system implements classical untyped tree-based genetic programming as well as more advanced variants including, for example, strongly typed genetic programming and Pareto genetic programming.

The RGP Wiki contains a short tutorial on Getting Started. A version of the tutorial fitting your locally installed RGP version is always available by typing vignette("rgp_introduction") at the R prompt.

In addition, the RGP Wiki contains documentation, information on how to access the code repository, and on how to contribute.

Please use the Forum for discussing questions regarding RGP.

Also see the News section of the site for recent developments.

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Latest news

New Book on Optimization with R(GP)
Paulo Cortez's new book "Modern Optimization with R" contains practical examples on the successful application of RGP.
Added by Oliver Flasch about 1 month ago

RGP 0.4-1 released on CRAN
RGP version 0.4-1 is a maintenance release recommended for all RGP users.
Added by Oliver Flasch 5 months ago

Updated Tutorial
The RGP tutorial "Getting Started" has been updated for RGP 0.4-0.
Added by Oliver Flasch 5 months ago

RGP 0.4-0 released on CRAN
RGP 0.4-0 brings a much improved Pareto-GP search strategy for symbolic regression and support for a modern web-based user interface.
Added by Oliver Flasch 9 months ago

RGP version 0.3-4 released on CRAN
RGP version 0.3-4 contains bugfixes and performance improvements.
Added by Oliver Flasch over 1 year ago

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